About Me

Welcome to my online home. From a young age I was interested in websites, the fact you could design something anyone could see from anywhere in the world. What you're looking at is simply the product of that early intrigue.

A little about me...

I'm a Chartered Accountant. My last job was as an adult snowboard instructor at Whistler Blackcomb, this was between November '10 and April '11. It was a fantastic season, the second snowiest on record. Over the season my snowboarding improved considerably which is predominantly down to the fantastic help of my colleagues, supervisor and the coaches. 

Before living the dream in Canada I was studying Chemistry at Oxford University. It was really tough at the time, but all worth it for the experiences I had and the people I met.

To the envy of many, before studying I took a gap year... yes, you guessed it... I have already lived the dream! The first time round I only taught part-time as I hadn't initially got my qualifications, the rest of the time I was working rentals at Base II on Blackcomb.