[Fixed] Flickr Photos Broken!

All my integrated Flickr photos are down! Actually the plugin was breaking my site so has been disabled till I find a fix. Annoying, as that plugin was one of the few I have used that I could get on with ¬†ūüôĀ

Update: No idea how to fix the problem so instead I found a solution which removes the need for the broken plugin.

I was using Flickr Manager but the image links seemed to be merging into one and corrupting entire pages! I found another plugin called Flickpress although on the surface it did everything I needed, it couldn't actually import pictures into my posts. However, it was able to import my Flickr photos into my WordPress gallery allowing me to simply add the images as if I'd uploaded them from my computer. Although not a fast solution to implement it is very reliable (no plugin is needed to display the images).