Canon 450D

The Canon 450D is my first and only DSLR camera. Despite this, I feel I know how to use it and do use it well enough to complain when I want more 😛 . My only real complaint is the poor handheld low light performance.

In short, I love the camera due to it’s easy controls, small size and all the extra bits I have for it (see equipment).

The 450D has been upgraded 3 times from Canon (500D, 550D and most recently the 600D) the main upgrades are the addition of video recording and the improvement of sensor’s sensitivity up to ISO6400 (on the 600D). When compared to the mere ISO1600 of the 450D, this is a vast improvement. The 450D is only capable of ISO1600 when set manually, in the same way the 600D is actually capable of ISO12800! There is more to it than just the numbers such as noise levels at a given ISO level but these improve with technology updates. If I were to buy now I’d definitely get one of the 500’s for the additional low light help, the 600D is usually priced higher than the 450D ever was. I found a nice comparison between the 600D and 450D over on

Canon 450D


Quick Stats

  • 12.2 Megapixels
  • ISO 800 (ISO1600 when set manually)
  • 3.5fps
  • EF-S Canon lense system (also accepts EF)
  • Plastic
  • SD card (SDHC compatible)

Example photos

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