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I’ve been using Tasker on my phone for a while now. In short, it’s a graphical programming app to allow you to automate your Android phone. You pick conditions eg plugged into power, then pick tasks eg turn WiFi on and screen brightness to automatic. Although not the easiest app to use it is one of the most powerful I’ve come across. I’ve included a QR Code at the bottom to find Tasker on your phone (use Google Goggles or similar).


Read SMS While Navigating

Based on This wiki profile for reading when in a car dock, I have simply personalised it for my needs. First of all I don’t have a car dock that is recognised by my phone. I have the following context:

  1. Event: Received Text
  2. State: Power Any
  3. Application: CoPilot Live EU Major
The contexts in this order minimised battery consumption by only checking whether Copilot is open when you receive a SMS. I have included power state as I always plug in the phone when navigating, if I am just checking a route I don’t want my phone to broadcast any new messages! The tasks are as follows:
  1. Wait [ Seconds:4 ]
  2. Say [ Text:%SMSRN sent the following SMS: %SMSRB ]
The wait is for my SMS notification to finish before the message is read out. I also altered the first variable as I wanted the senders name not their phone number.
You could of course change the application to any navigation app you choose.
Download profile here: Read SMS While Navigating

Display- Battery Saver

The initial idea came from some members on the LG2X MoDaCo Forum. The problem at the time was various applications were misbehaving and not stopping when the phone should have been going into its sleep mode. One member suggested using Fast Reboot to ‘reset’ the phone into a state where it can enter sleep mode.
The context:
  1. Event: Display Off

The task:
  1. Wait [ Seconds:11 ]
  2. Stop If [ %SCREEN ~ ON ]
  3. Load App [ App:Fast Reboot Data: Exclude From Recent Apps:On]

The wait is to allow my phone to lock (10 seconds after screen off) then if the phone has been used again the second part should cancel the task #this has limited success if you know a better way to about a task please get in touch!#. Fast reboot unlike many task managers closes and restarts your tasks so your alarms and other app keep working. 

Further Improvements

I have added two more complimentary profiles to control when the above profile can run.

Profile: Display- Phone Idle
Event: Phone Idle
Task: Profile Status [ Name:Display- Battery Saver Set:On]


Profile: Display- Phone Offhook
Event: Phone Offhook
Task: Profile Status [ Name:Display- Battery Saver Set:Off]

These stop the Display- Battery Saver profile from running when the phone is in use. Again, they may not been the most effective solution but they work.

Download profiles here: Display- Battery Saver


On Android Market:


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Fast Reboot

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  • Great post. I hadn’t heard of Fast Reboot before; pretty ingenious way to integrate it into Tasker.

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