Sanyo HD1010

Generally a pretty good video camera. In good light, the image is very clear and the 10x zoom is respectable. For action the 720p 60fps mode is probably better than the two ‘higher quality’ modes. The image stabilisation is not great, at 10x you have to stop breathing in order to get steady. Many video cameras have much higher zooms and with optical stabilisation they are able to be more stable.

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Site Update

Major ongoing update for I’m moving away from Joomla despite years of loyal service. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • I feel Joomla suits larger sites better
  • The process to upgrade from 1.5.23 to 1.7 is overcomplicated
  • I need something to do in between job applications
So… Decided I’d give WordPress another shot. I’ve used it before but not for a few years. Feels the same as before but with a larger version number.
Complaints so far:
  • Haven’t found a plugin to import single flickr photo and provide lightbox effect
  • WordPress kept messing my lovely code up! Fixed: TinyMCE Advanced has option to disable this ‘feature’
  • Blog style website makes me want to type useless stuff everywhere in order to have more posts…
Positives so far:
  • Much cleaner interface than Joomla (has always been the case really)
  • Easier management of Plugins and Themes
Expect an unusual amount of activity in the next few days as I finish porting over pages from the old site. Once complete I will try to update on a less frequent but regular basis.
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